Funniest Asked Questions

"Is the park open today?"

Silver Falls State Park is open 365 days a year! The hours vary according to the season, so check the website before you come. The $5 day use parking fee applies every day.

"Are the waterfalls running today?"

With the exception of the seasonal Winter Falls all the waterfalls at Silver Falls run year round. The flow varies according to season and annual water levels.





"Can I bring my pet turkey on a hike with me?"

Oregon Parks and Recreation policy allows for service pets only on the Canyon Trail. However, the remainder of the trails in the park are dog-friendly including a 'dog-off-leash' area in the day-use.

(And yes, service animals are not limited to dogs as we have had a visitor bring their service turkey!)


"What day do the leaves turn?"

Silver Falls is a top destination for photographers! Especially in the Autumn when our deciduous trees (Big Leaf Maple, Vine Maple, Red Alder) begin to change. What day does this happen, you ask? Park Rangers pin an October calendar up on a wall and throw a dart at it. The day the dart lands on is the day we tell people the leaves will change! May the odds be ever in your favor.